Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Los Cabos, Mexico

While studying at the Brooks Institue, I signed up for the Travel Class. At the end of the semester, everyone was required to travel somewhere. I had always wanted to travel to Los Cabos, Mexico due to the overwhelming amount of marine life. I traveled here by myself, and was not disappointed. The people were very friendly, and it was easy to get around. The only down-side is that it was slightly more expensive then I had originally budgeted for. These are some of the restaurants I ate at during my travels: 

^ These photos are from the restaurant connected to the hotel I was staying at. The food was wonderful, and the staff was friendly. The best part of eating here though was the mood. Candle-lit and overlooking the ocean, it was very beautiful :) 

 During a day tour I was taking, I had a free hour to go have lunch. I decided to eat at Panchos, which is in downtown Cabo. I must have been their during an off hour, because I was the only one there. I found this place to be amazing!! The food was fantastic and I even got personally serenaded while I ate my meal. He took requests, so I asked him to sing "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. :)

Of course a trip to Mexico is not complete without Margaritas!! These drinks were offered EVERYWHERE, and were very refreshing when surrounded by the desert heat. I normally dont drink... at all actually... but I made an exception for these lovely blends.


  1. Margaritas!!
    I love your pictures, simply the best!

  2. were you being serenaded?? :P mmmargartias!

  3. Yes I was, lol. He stayed at my table the whole time I was trying to eat... it was a bit weird actually... lol